Confined Space Gas Monitor

Confined space entry is dangerous business. The right confined space gas monitor mitigates the risk. The problem is getting the correct monitor to suit your application. You need a multi gas monitor for confined space applications that will allow you to test the space before entry, measure continually while in the space, is easy to use, and is reliable. With our broad selection, we can get you the right confined space gas monitor. If you have any questions about the correct multi gas monitor for confined space applications, please check out our blog post - Choosing the Best Confined Space Sniffer.

OSHA outlines the requirements for monitoring confined spaces in standard 1910.146 Permit Required Confined Spaces. OSHA states, "before an employee enters the space, the internal atmosphere shall be tested, with a calibrated direct-reading instrument". OSHA goes on to say, "atmospheric testing is required for two distinct purposes: evaluation of the hazards of the permit space and verification that acceptable entry conditions for entry into that space exist." All of the 4-gas monitors we sell meet these requirements.