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About Us

Dear Customer,

For over 45 years, we've made you our top priority. Since our founding, in September of 1971, we've sought to provide you with the best in service, product knowledge, and value.

We're so grateful to you for the trust you continue to place in us. Your support is evident on a daily basis.

Time and time again, you reach out to us for help in solving your safety problems. Over the last 45+ years, these are just some of the ways we've helped you:

  • Norfolk Naval Shipyard had a very specific need for a mercury-free leather glove. The problem: there was no such thing. They enlisted our help. In a matter of months, in partnership with a U.S. based glove manufacturer, we developed a solution - a synthetic leather glove that was mercury free. We were even awarded our very own NSN number, 4235-01-541-0715.
  • Coastal Supply was contracted by the Army Corp of Engineers to install a customized rescue and retrieval system at a certain Army Corp site. They came to us for help. Together we developed the perfect davit arm rescue system that met all the stringent requirements of the Army Corp.
  • The Virginia State Prison system found itself in need of a customized blood borne pathogen kit that could be worn on a belt. In partnership with a U.S. manufacturer, we developed three customized kits that met all of their requirements.
  • Ford Motor Company's Norfolk assembly plant, for whom we were the sole-source safety supplier until their closing, had a peculiar need for workers on the assembly line. They needed a "seat pad" they could wear. We set out to find a solution. We contacted a U.S. based manufacturer, and in tandem with Ford, developed what may have been the first ever wearable seat pad.
  • Ashland Specialty Ingredients in Hopewell, Virginia was in need of a customized respirator chemical hood for its plant workers. We partnered with a U.S. manufacturer to design a hood that offered both the right chemical splash protection and an integrated respirator and filter assembly. We assembled the new product in our Norfolk warehouse and delivered the exact product the customer needed.
  • Countless municipalities, manufacturers, and contractors (small and large) have come to us for help with their confined space entry applications. We've found solutions for all of them - basic tripods, contractor kits, davit arms, high weight capacity winches, two-winch tripod systems, horizontal rescue systems, etc. We continually leverage our product knowledge and manufacturer connections (fostered for over 45 years) to track down the right products at the right price.

So we thank you for allowing us to provide you exceptional solutions, service, and product knowledge for over 45 years. Going forward, we want only to strengthen our partnership with you - combining our product knowledge and service skills with your safety team to provide solutions to all your safety needs - big or small.

Thanks so much!

Corby, Chanler, Chip, Harvey, Deon and the rest of the team.