Gas Detector Service Center

Repair Calibration RKI BW Gas Clip

As you know, many of you have purchased instruments only to find out that your vendor can't service them. You have become painfully aware that the time and cost to send your instrument back to the factory are unacceptable.

We service not only what we sell but even what you may have bought elsewhere.

We are factory authorized and trained in the repair and calibration of many gas detection instruments including RKI, Honeywell BW, Gas Clip Technologies, Lumidor and more.


Service Center Request FormTo have your monitor serviced:

Call us at 800.446.8274 to confirm we repair or calibrate your meter (if it isn't RKI, BW, Gas Clip, Lumidor, or Biosystems).


Download our Service Request Form and send us your instrument - it is that easy.


If you prefer to calibrate your own monitors, you can buy a variety of gas monitor and gas detector calibration kits - Click Here.

Have questions about what a calibration is or calibration frequency? Read Gas Monitor Calibration - What, Why, How Often.

Have questions about bump testing your gas monitor? Read Bump Test of Gas Monitors - What and How Often