Gas Detector Calibration Service

As you know, many of you have purchased confined space gas monitors only to find out that your vendor can't service them. You have become painfully aware that the time and cost to send your gas detector back to the factory are unacceptable.

We provide gas detector calibration services to not only what we sell but even what you may have bought elsewhere. We want to be the go-to company for your confined space gas detector service and repair needs.

We are factory authorized and trained in the repair and calibration of many gas detection instruments including RKI, Honeywell BW, Gas Clip Technologies, and GFG.

We will provide you an estimate before we proceed with any repairs. You make the call. There is no charge if you decide not to go ahead.

We've been providing gas detector calibration services for nearly 50 years. You can count on us to do the job right!


Service Center Request FormHow To Have Your Monitor Serviced:

(1) Download the service center form to the left.

(2) Fill it out and send with your meter.

(3) If you monitor isn't RKI, BW, GFG, or Gas Clip, please call us first.

If you prefer to calibrate your own monitors, you can buy a variety of gas monitor and gas detector calibration kits - Click Here. Have questions about what a calibration is or calibration frequency? Read Gas Monitor Calibration - What, Why, How OftenHave questions about bump testing your gas monitor? Read Do I Need to Bump Test My Gas Detector?. Be sure to check out our "Under The Hood" series of blog posts from our technicians--a lot of helpful info.

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