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Our People - Over 60 Years of Experience

Every employee of Major Safety has no less than 20 years experience in the safety industry. Every one of us deals directly with customers on a continual basis. We receive product and service training by the best manufacturers in the industry. If we sell something, we know more than its part number.

All of us put servicing you, the customer, ahead of all our other responsibilities. This commitment is evident the moment you contact us. When you take the time to pick up the phone and call us, one of our experienced employees answers the phone - not voicemail! If you take the time to email us, we will acknowledge your email almost immediately. Our goal is for you to know that we value your time and business!

Each one of us knows how to get you the answers you need. We aren't limited by job descriptions. If we don't know the answer or have the solution to your problem, we don't "pass you on" to the next guy. All of us have access to our vendors and manufacturers to get answers for your most complicated questions. We all know how to engage with our vendors' technical support and engineers to get you the help you need.