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Gentex Pureflo PAPR Respirators

Gentex Pureflo PAPR systems are the industry leader for all the right reasons. They are easy to don, operate, use, and maintain. They have a long battery life which powers an excellent airflow. They don't have the cumbersome belt and airline tube to contend with. They are incredibly durable. And the Pureflo PAPR is also available with an APF wielding shield.

What's a PAPR? It is a powered air purifying respirator that produces positive pressure via a blower. A PAPR is more comfortable and has a higher protection factor than a normal respirator. And since they are designated as "loose fitting," no fit test is required. To learn more about PAPRs in general read: What's a PAPR and Do I Need One? If you are looking for Pureflo PAPR replacement parts Click Here.