FrenchCreek S50G-M7 Combination Rescue Winch and 3-Way Winch Tripod Rescue System

BRAND: FrenchCreek


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The FrenchCreek S50G-M7 combination system is all about safety, redundancy, peace of mind, and convenience. Why is this you ask? Simple. With the MW50G rescue winch and the R50G 3-way winch/lifeline you get redundant rescue capability. If the MW50G winch (the black one) fails, simply engage the handle on the R50G (the yellow one) and the rescue can continue.

What about convenience? The R50G also serves as your fall protection when it's in self retracting lifeline (SRL) mode. This means its cable will extend and retract automatically when being lowered or raised via the MW50G.

What about safety? If the MW50G ever fails the R50G will engage and stop the fall. Even better, at this point the R50G's winch feature can be engaged and the rescue made.



  • FREE - 651 FrenchCreek Harness
  • TP7 - 7 foot tripod
  • MW50G - 50' galvanized cable rescue and material winch
  • R50G - 50' galvanized cable 3-way rescue winch and SRL
  • All necessary carabiners and pulleys
  • Carry bags are sold separately
  • Footprint when fully extended (distance between each leg) - 50-51"
  • Shortest Tripod can be set and still use winch - 6'
  • Made in the USA!

Note: We can easily substitute this system in to any of our Confined Space Contractor Kits - call for details.

Need Help with the differences between confined space tripod rescue systems - visit Choosing A Confined Space Tripod.

Tripod Rescue System Use and Setup Video:



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