FrenchCreek Confined Space Combination Winch and Tripod Rescue System



  • $2,150.00
  • Save $227.03

Finally, an affordable Rescue Tripod System that features the convenience of a combination winch/SRL unit (winch and self-retractable lifeline all in one unit). System includes TP7 tripod, R50G winch/SRL combo, pulley, and carry bag for tripod and winch.

The R50G is a self-retracting lifeline and a rescue and retrieval unit all in one. When handle is disengaged, the unit travels like a normal self-retracting lifeline with braking features; and when the handle is engaged the unit will wind up or lower down as needed.

If no ladder is present for entry, then another cable connection is required. In such cases, the best way to go is the MW50G winch - Click Here for MW50G.


  • R50G has aluminum housing
  • R50G contains 50' of galvanized cable
  • Mounting bracket is included
  • TP7 tripod contains safety chain, non-slip rubber safety shoes, and 2 attachment points
  • TP7 tripod is 43 lbs.
  • R50G winch and self retracting lifeline unit is 35 lbs.



frenchcreek-r50-winch-datasheet frenchcreek-r50-winch-manual frenchcreek-tp7-tripod-manual frenchcreek-tp7-tripod-datasheet


Questions about differences between confined space tripod rescue systems - visit How to Choose a Confined Space Tripod.

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