3M DBI-Sala 8530252 Pole Hoist for Confined Space Entry

3M 8530252 Pole Hoist for Confined Space Entry SALE
3M 8530252 Pole Hoist for Horizontal or Side Confined Space SALE
3M 8530252 Pole Hoist for Vertical Confined Space Entry SALE

3M DBI Sala

$3,919.25 $4,115.25
SKU: 8530252

This is likely one of the most versatile confined space rescue hoists available. The 8530252 pole hoist can be used for both vertical confined space entry and rescue or horizontal or side entry confined space rescue and entry.

Please note that the recommended rescue winch, the 8102001 Salalift II is sold separately. It can be purchased HERE.

This system, like any such system, also requires attachment to an appropriate anchor point. Two excellent options are the 2104550 (which is the anchorage connector shown in the picture and video) and, depending on the space you have, the TP7 Tripod might work.

The hoist includes the hanger bracket. This is not an anchorage point but is the place the anchorage point is attached.


  • Pole hoist is adjustable in height form 4 feet to 7 feet
  • It includes a built-in pulley
  • The swivel head rotates 360 degrees for flexibility in horizontal or vertical applications
  • It includes the quick mount winch bracket
  • Features an adjustable stabilizer T-bar
  • Weighs 25 pounds
  • 450 pound rated (provided anchor point and winch are also rated at 450 lbs)
  • Includes hanger bracket (this is not the anchor point shown in below video - that is sold separately)

NOTE: There is also a 6-10' version available, P/N 8530253 for $3,115.00. Please call to order that version.

Side Entry or Horizontal Entry Application Video:


8530252 Pole Hoist Manual