FrenchCreek PD-CSKit2 Portable Confined Space Davit System

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The PD-CSKit2 is the second configuration of our FrenchCreek Portable Davit system. It has additional features over both the PD-CSKit1 and the Miller Durahoist system.

Unlike the PD-CSKit1 and Durahoist systems, this system uses the R50G 3-way winch for fall protection instead of the RL50G self retracting lifeline. The advantage of this is that the R50G offers backup rescue ability. If the main rescue device, the MW50G, should fail the entrant can still be rescued via the R50G.

The easiest way to think about it is that the PD-CSKit2 is the Davit version of the S50G-M7 tripod rescue system.

PD-CSKit2 System Includes:

  • PD1 Davit Mast Assembly
  • PD2 Davit Base Assembly
  • PD3 Mounting Bracket for R50G
  • PD4 Mounting Bracket for MW50G
  • R50G - 50' 3-Way Fall Protection & Backup Winch (Click Here for Details)
  • MW50G - 50' Rescue Winch (Click Here for Details)
  • ANSI rated weight capacity is 420 pounds

Davit Mast Specs

  • Adjustable offset of 12" - 30"
  • Height adjustments of 79.25" - 97"
  • Primary and secondary pulleys
  • Attachment points for mechanical devices
  • Swivels clockwise or counterclockwise for easier exit/rescue
  • Made of powder coated aluminum and steel
  • Weight 33 lbs

Davit Base Specs

  • Adjustable width from 36" - 60"
  • Integrated bullseye level
  • Tool-free height adjustment
  • Made of powder coated aluminum and steel
  • Weighs 58 lbs

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