FrenchCreek MW50G Tripod Rescue Winch

FrenchCreek MW50G Tripod Rescue Winch SALE


$530.00 $585.00

The MW50G rescue winch fits the FrenchCreek tripods - both 7' and 9' varieties. It is designed to raise and lower entrants into confined spaces. It comes standard with a friction brake that prevents the unit from free-wheeling when under a load. It is manufactured of a rugged steel frame and drum, the unit includes a bracket, pulley, and a carabiner for attaching the line to the tripod.


  • 5.1:1 Gear Ratio
  • 50' Galvanized 3/16" wire cable
  • 350 lb capacity for personnel
  • 500 lb capacity for material
  • Housing: Plated Steel
  • Drive Gear: Plated Steel



frenchcreek-mw50g-winch-datasheet frenchcreek-mw50g-winch-manual