DBI Sala 9501403 Suspension Trauma Safety Strap

3M Fall Protection 9501403 Suspension Trauma Strap SALE
DBI Sala 9501403 Suspension Trauma Safety Strap SALE

3M DBI Sala

$37.00 $41.00
SKU: 9501403

The 3M DBI Sala 9501403 suspension trauma strap is designed to provide relief to a worker after a fall but before they are rescued. During this time a condition called Orthostatic intolerance could set in. This condition can be caused when the circulation in the legs is cut off by the pressure of the harness.

The trauma straps allow the worker to "stand" and take pressure off of the legs. They are easily deployed after the fall. All the worker need do is unzip the packs and the straps are ready for use.


  • Weight capacity of 420 lbs
  • Allows user to stand in harness after a fall
  • Fast and easy installation in most any harness
  • Extremely compact and lightweight design
  • Fast deployment
  • You get one pair with purchase

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