FrenchCreek U-Step Harness Suspension Trauma Straps

FrenchCreek U-Step Harness Suspension Trauma Straps SALE


$16.50 $17.15

The U-STEP comes complete with two compact, lightweight ‘packs’ that easily attached to the sides (left & right) of a full body harness by choking around the harness. In the event of a fall, a worker can immediately pull the webbing from the ‘packs’ and connect the locking clasps, creating a loop that the suspended worker can step on - to alleviate harness pressure, and reduce the risk of suspension trauma. The webbing/loop is also easily adjustable to varying lengths, which accommodates different body sizes and allows for continuous adjustment during suspension.

The U-STEP is to be used in conjunction with a full body harness and a complete fall prevention/rescue program. It can be attached to most harness sizes, styles, and brands.