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  • What Has Major Safety Done For You Lately?
    August 11, 2023

    What Has Major Safety Done For You Lately?

    Crucial to our value to you, our customer, is our size. We are a small, family business. Whether you called on us 25 years ago or called on us today, you would be talking to, literally, the same folks. And we actually answer the telephone.
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  • Complete Safety Solution Roof Guard Rail System
    January 13, 2023

    Roof Fall Protection Guard Rail Solution

    Guard Rails provides an easy and secure way to keep roof workers safe from falls. Our roof fall protection systems are simple to set up and provide a secure working environment for anyone working at heights.
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  • How many roof safety guard rail kits do you need
    February 4, 2022

    How Many Roof Safety Guard Rail Kits Do You Need?

    A common area of misunderstanding for many trying to install OSHA recommended fall protection guard rails on roof tops is simply this: what length rail kits do I need and how many? This short article will provide a simple way to figure this out. Please note, however, that large or complicated jobs should submit drawings to us so an engineer can assist.
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  • Fall protection for roof top ladders
    May 13, 2021

    Fall Protection Rails for Roof Top Ladders

    The roof top access and exit point for roof top ladders requires fall protection. This is an often overlooked fall hazard. The solution to this fall hazard is so simple. There is really no need to neglect it any longer.
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  • Fall Protection Guard Rail Basics
    November 13, 2020

    Guard Rail Fall Protection Basics

    OSHA names falling from heights as one of the most common causes of workplace injury and fatalities. Given the increased amount of cell tower, HVAC, solar panel, and general maintenance work taking place rooftops, it is both vital and mandatory that proper fall protection is provided.
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