RKI 03 Series Single Gas Detector

RKI 03 Series Single Gas Detector SALE


$280.00 $305.00
SKU: 73-0060

The RKI 03 series is the go to single gas detector for repeated use applications. You can replace the battery (which provides nearly 3 years of run time) and the sensors.

And the best part is that the sensors are inexpensive and easily field replaceable. Not to mention they are interchangeable with RKI's GX-2009 and GX-2012 4-gas monitors.

The 03 series is also packed full of features - impact, dust, and water resistant with an IP-67 rating. And unlike most other single gas detectors, this one comes in a combustible gas/LEL version.


  • 4 Gases to choose from: LEL, CO, H2S, or O2 - Combustibles, Carbon Monoxide, Hydrogen Sulfide or Oxygen
  • Operates 3,000 hrs. on alkaline batteries (30 hours for LEL version)
  • Pocket size 2.1(W) x 2.6(H) x 0.9(D)
  • Light weight 2.8 ounces
  • Impact, Dust and Water Resistant (IP-67)
  • Audible / visual / vibration alarms
  • Automatic backlight during alarm
  • Peak Hold, STEL & TWA
  • Low battery alarm
  • Intrinsically safe
  • 2 year warranty (3 year on H2S and CO)
  • Includes attached alligator clip



rki-03-series-datasheet    rki-03-series-manual