Miller MR50GB-Z7/50FT MightEvac 3-Way Retrieval Winch

Miller MR50GB-Z7/50FT MightEvac 3-Way Retrieval Winch

BRAND: Miller


  • $3,450.00
  • Save $240.02

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The Miller MR50GB-Z7/50FT 3-way retrieval winch is the ultimate piece of confined space entry equipment. What is a 3-way retrieval winch? Simply, it can act as both a self retracting lifeline or as a confined space rescue and retrieval winch. 


  • No annual certification required (unless in Canada, fails inspection, or involved in an incident).
  • Has a 4:1 mechanical advantage (25 ft per minute).
  • 310 pound working capacity.
  • Convenient carry handle.
  • 50' galvanized cable (other cables available).
  • Quick acting retrieval mechanism.
  • Comes with everything you need to mount on a model 51 Miller tripod - carabiner, mounting bracket, and pulley.

Note: This device is often used in tandem with the Miller 8442 winch.

If you have questions about winch and lifeline inspection read Self Retracting Lifeline and Winch Inspection.

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