Major Safety HZKit-1 Horizontal Confined Space Lifeline Rescue Kit

Major Safety HZKit-1 Horizontal Lifeline Rescue Kit SALE
Horizontal Lifeline Rescue Kit - No Overlay SALE


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We are often asked how to comply with rescue requirements for confined spaces with horizontal entry and configurations. The Major Safety HZKit-1 can be a viable option for many such horizontal rescue applications.

The system includes the R50G self retracting lifeline rescue winch with 50 feet of cable. It includes the #62 carabiner. It includes the 1336-WP three foot anchor sling (longer sizes are available if needed).

To use this system, simply loop the anchor sling around a nearby and suitable anchor point. A suitable anchor point could include a steel beam or rail outside the entrance to your horizontal confined space. It must meet OSHA's 5000 pound anchorage point requirement. Then, using the carabiner, attach the R50G to the D-ring on the anchor sling.

When the rescue cable is attached to the entrant's harness, preferably a back D-ring, the cable will travel in and out automatically with the worker. If rescue is needed, the handle on the R50G can be engaged and the worker extracted.

Warning: Because a pulley is not used in horizontal applications, the lift ratio is 1:1. This means the attendant is pulling the full weight of the entrant upon rescue.

Warning: Insure the rescue handle can crank unimpeded by any obstacle or the system will not work.

This isn't the perfect solution, but it is better than nothing and OSHA hates nothing! 

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