FrenchCreek Confined Space Winch and Manhole Tripod Rescue System - No SRL

BRAND: FrenchCreek


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If you don't need or already have a self retracting lifeline for fall protection, this system is perfect for you. The FrenchCreek M-CSKit confined space entry manhole rescue tripod is exactly like our M-CSKit-25, but without the self retracting lifeline (SRL). This system is only suited for you if: (1) you already have an SRL, or (2) the space you are entering has a ladder to use for entry.

Generally, two points of attachment are required for entering a confined space. This is why most systems have both the winch and the self retracting lifeline. The first is for lowering, retrieval, and rescue. The second is for fall protection.

However, if the space you are entering has a ladder, that can count as the second point of attachment (generally speaking). In such cases, this particular system would be adequate (or if you have your own SRL).

This complete rescue tripod system features:

  • FREE Model 651 FrenchCreek Harness
  • 7 foot aluminum tripod
  • 50' galvanized cable winch with pulley and bracket.
  • 350 lb capacity on winch.
  • A carry bag for the winch and a carry bag for the tripod
  • Footprint when fully extended (distance between each leg) - 50-51".
  • Shortest Tripod can be set and still use winch - 6'.
  • This is NOT CSA approved (Canada)

NOTE: a separate SRL for back-up fall protection is always recommended. See our selection by clicking here - SRL's.

Need Help with the differences between confined space tripod rescue systems - visit Choosing A Confined Space Tripod.




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