Euramco RamFan Hazardous UB20xx Confined Space Blower System

Euramco RamFan Hazardous UB20xx Confined Space Blower System SALE


$1,918.00 $2,025.00
SKU: EF7015

The Ramfan UB20XX blower is the hazardous location version of the popular UB20 blower. It features the same tough and lightweight and quick coupler duct system. A remarkably convenient feature which makes this system one of the most durable and user friendly around. It also comes in two duct sizes both the coupler/15' duct option or coupler/25' duct option.

Detachable in seconds, the Quick coupler canister with 8" diameter attached duct included, serves a number of purposes. First it conveniently reverses from the discharge to the suction. Second, it also allows for quick and always present storage and protection of the duct from rips and tears.

NOTE: the UB20xx blower does not come with a plug. You must provide and install the proper plug to suit your application.


  • Tough Dual-Wall Casing
  • Super Compact & Lightweight Design - Blower is only 16lbs.
  • Quick-Couple Canister
  • Ultra-Quiet 74 dB
  • Motor is 115VAC, 1/3hp
  • Fan Size is 8" x 9 blade
  • Free Air - 980cfm
  • One 90° Bend - 789cfm
  • Two 90° Bends - 666cfm
  • Hazardous Location version is rated for Class I, Group C,D and Class II, Group E,F,G.
  • Plug provided by customer