Euramco RamFan 12V UB20 Confined Space Blower System

UB20 ED9002 12V blower only SALE
UB20 12V Blower with Duct and Coupler SALE


$597.35 $640.00
SKU: ED9002

The UB20 12V RamFan blower, like its electric counterpart, is incredibly tough and lightweight. It can also be purchased with the Quick Coupler duct system. The lengths are 15' and 25'. The coupler w/duct makes for simple storage and attachment.

The battery terminal cable is 12 feet long. If used with a 12V battery not in a vehicle (stand alone) the blower will run about 2.5 hours. When connected to a 12V battery in a running vehicle, the blower will run until turned off.


  • Tough Dual-Wall Casing
  • Super Compact & Lightweight Design - Blower is only 16lbs.
  • Quick-Couple Canister
  • Ultra-Quiet 74 dB
  • Motor is 115VAC, 1/3hp
  • Fan Size is 8" x 9 blade
  • Free Air - 980cfm
  • One 90° Bend - 789cfm
  • Two 90° Bends - 666cfm