DBI Sala 1231016 Web Adjustable Positioning Lanyard - 4-6

DBI Sala 1231016 Web Adjustable Positioning Lanyard - 4'-6' SALE

3M DBI Sala

$134.60 $141.35
SKU: 1231016

The 3M DBI Sala 1231016 adjustable positioning lanyard is designed for and ideal for use with positioning harnesses. A positioning harness has d-rings on each hip.

Positioning lanyards, when attached to the hip d-rings of the positioning harness, are designed to provide support when leaning back from rebar, telephone poles, beams, etc.

This is not a fall protection lanyard. Neither positioning lanyards or hip d-rings are to be used for fall protection.

Features Include:

  • 1" polyester constructed webbing for added durability
  • Easy to use self locking snap hooks at both ends
  • Built-in wear indicator informs user when to replace for added safety
  • 6 ft. in length and adjustable down
  • Meets or exceeds all applicable industry standards including OSHA and ANSI