Confined Space 4-Gas Monitor Calibration Kits

Confined Space 4-Gas Monitor Calibration Kits SALE


$395.00 $455.00

We have curated for you OEM gas calibration kits for the instruments we sell. These calibration kits are much less expensive than the private labeled kits from the gas monitor manufacturers. Be assured, these kits contain the same gas and regulators used by the gas monitor manufacturers.

These calibration kits are for the standard 4-gas versions of the gas detectors listed.

Each kit includes:

  • Hard Carry Case (as pictured)
  • 60 Liter Compact Cylinder 4-Gas Calibration Gas (specific to instrument)
  • Regulator (of appropriate style and flow rate)
  • RKI GX-2009 and GX-3R Pro calibration kits also include the required calibration adaptor and tubing .
  • Note: Honeywell BW and GFG monitors come with the calibration adaptors and tubing so the calibration kits don't include these items.

NOTE: We reserve the right to substitute Intermountain Specialty Gas for Calgaz based on availability.

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