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BW Honeywell CG-Zero Zero Air Single Mix Calibration Gas

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This calibration gas is the same gas as the BW Honeywell CG-Zero, the RKI 81-0076RK-03, or the Industrial Scientific 18101584. It is used to calibrate a variety of Honeywell BW, MSA, or Industrial Scientific gas detectors.

This gas also takes the place of the following: 81-0076RK-01, CG-ZERO-34, 600-0024-000, 18100693 - all of which are the 34 liter version of this same gas.

This is the 103 liter cylinder.

This cylinder contains Zero Air.

Cylinder Specs:

  • Standard Female C10 Valve
  • Material: Steel
  • Pressure: 1000 PSI
  • Valve Inlet: 5/8-18 (C10)
  • Weight: 3 lb
  • Dimensions: 13 7/8" x 3.25"
  • Warranty: 2 years

Note: Gas ships in 1-3 days.

Our main OEM source is Intermountain Specialty Gas. We may use other OEMs at our discretion.