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Bluewater Safety Rail 2000 Fall Protection Guard Rail Kit

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The Bluewater Safety Rail 2000 guard rail fall protection kits are unbeatable in ease of configuration and setup. Each safety rail kit includes one rail, one base, and two securing pins. The kits do not penetrate the roof. They can be used as a portable or permanent solution. When installed properly with the 96 pound base and proper outriggers (if needed), they provide OSHA-compliant roof fall protection.

The safety rail kits are available in 7 lengths -  3', 3.5', 4', 5', 6', 7.5' or 10.

Please note that if the guard rail system does not terminate on itself - like a square, rectangle, etc. - then extra kits will need to be installed perpendicular on each end for support. In other words, you'll need extra kits to act as returns.

The kits are also available with a galvanized finish or can be custom colored to your specifications.

Installs in 3 easy steps: 1) Position bases into desired location, 2) Insert rails into base tubes, 3) Insert securing pins and lock into place. That's it! No drilling required.

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  • 42 Inches High
  • No drilling required
  • Portable or permanent guardrail
  • Install over 175 feet in an hour with two workers
  • Rails can be positioned in infinite directions
  • Each base can support up to 4 rails
  • Each base comes with an attached EPDM pad
  • Gate assemblies available
  • Optional toe board system
  • All rail sections are available in a powder-coated or galvanized finish
  • Special orders for non-standard colors also available
  • Custom engineering / manufacturing for special requirements
  • Meets and exceeds OSHA regulations 29 CFR 1910.29 and 1926.500 – 1926.503
For more info on how to configure your system, please read our article: How Many Roof Safety Guard Rail Kits Do You Need?


NOTE: Although the kits can be ordered online, due to the weight of these systems, we suggest that you order via phone. We can provide much better truck line shipping rates compared to our online UPS rates.

NOTE: The longest that can be used in CA and still meet the weight resistance standard is the 7.5'.

NOTE: Safety Rail kits and parts are non-returnable.

NOTE: The space between rails is 5". So this needs
to factored in when configuring a layout. So, for example, a run of 240'
divided by the longest rail kit, 10 feet, plus the 5" between each rail
(so 10.5') equals 22.8. This means 22 x 10's and 1 x 7.5' rail kits are
needed, plus the returns and extra base.