Allegro 9220 or 9230 Tyvek Hood Airline Respirator System

Allegro 9220 or 9230 Tyvek Hood Airline Respirator System SALE


$1,500.00 $1,575.00
SKU: 9220-01

The Allegro 9220 series airline respirator system features a convenient tyvek hood instead of either a full face or half mask respirator. The hood works great for areas such as painting or asbestos abatement, where levels of contamination are low. Though it also works better with beards, it does not offer as much protection as the full face airline system. The one-worker version comes with a 1/4 hp ambient air pump and the two-worker with a 3/4 hp pump. You can also choose between 50 or 100 foot breathing air hose.

We highly recommend that you purchase the cover lens to extend the life of your hood. The lens on the hood is not replaceable. Click Here to purchase them.

Pump Features:

  • Type: Oil-less, rotary vane
  • Vanes: Carbon construction
  • Inlet Filter: 40.0 Micron bronze/steel (1/4 HP)
  • 50 Micron felt material with metal grid inlet filter housing
  • Exhaust Filter: 0.3 Micron HEPA
  • Pressure Gauge: 1 (3.8 cm) face, steel housing (0-15 psi) (0-1.03 bar)
  • Working Pressure: 2-12 psi (0.14-0.83 bar) (15 psi max) (1.03 bar max)
  • Performance: 0-5 CFM (0-8.5 m3/hr) (1/4 HP)
  • 0-10 CFM (0-16.99 m3/hr) (3/4 HP)

Motor Features:

  • Type: HP or HP UL Listed
  • Volts: 115V/230V AC Single
  • Power Required 5.5 A (1/4 HP), 8.3 A (3/4 HP)