Allegro 9505 Gas-Powered Confined Space Blower

Allegro 9505 Gas-Powered Confined Space Blower SALE


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The Allegro 9505 gas-powered confined space ventilation blower is the perfect choice for remote job sites or where generators or electricity aren't available. It features a Subaru 3 1/2 hp engine that produces huge cfm flow rates for a 8" blower.

It has a handle to assist in transport. It has spring-loaded feet to help keep blower in place as it runs. What about run time? Two quarts of gasoline will provide 2-3 hours of rum time.

Duct is sold separately - Click Here.


  • Free Air - 2000-3000cfm
  • One 90° Bend - 1500-2500cfm
  • Two 90° Bends - 1350-2350cfm
  • 3 1/2 h.p. Subaru Engine weighs 44lbs.