Allegro 9401 Confined Space Manhole Guard Rail

Allegro 9401 Confined Space Manhole Guard Rail SALE


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The Allegro 9401 manhole guard rail is designed to cordon off open manholes so people don't fall into them. It is 42" high and is 33" square. It folds up to only 4" thick for easy storage and transport.

It's made of tubular steel and has a durable yellow powder-coating. There are no tools required to set it up - fast and easy. The open end features two chains that can easily be hooked or unhooked as needed for exit or entry.

Manhole Guard Features:

  • Lightweight, Portable
  • Quick, Easy Setup
  • Provides 360 Degree Protection around Manhole
  • Side Pieces constructed of high-tensile, heavy-gauge aluminum
  • Durable yellow finish
  • Tri-folds for easy Storage