Allegro 9508 Air-Driven Confined Space Blower

Allegro 9508 Air-Driven Confined Space Blower SALE


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The Allegro 9508 air-driven confined space blower is made for applications where an air compressor is readily available. It can also be used in hazardous environments. It requires 30 cfm at 40 psi to run properly. It uses an aluminum fan for explosion-proof requirements. For durability it comes with a steel base. For aid in transport, it has handles. It comes with a 2-stage filter, regulator, and lubricator. These require regular maintenance.

Normal duct is sold separately - Click Here.

If used in hazardous environments, the use of statically conductive duct is required! Call for more info.


  • Free Air - 1800cfm
  • One 90° Bend - 1350cfm
  • Two 90° Bends - 900cfm
  • Weighs 53lbs.