Stoko Kresto 34874 Extra Heavy Duty Hand Soap - 2 Per Case

Stoko Kresto 34874 Extra Heavy Duty Hand Soap - 2 Per Case SALE

Deb Stoko

$66.95 $75.00
SKU: 34874

Sold by the case of 2 each 2000 ml bottles

For use in the 29187 stoko vario dispenser

Kresto is an extra-heavy duty hand cleaner, ideal for the toughest industrial dirt. It is alkali-free and contains a biodegradable walnut shell scrubber and a safe solvent. It cleans extremely well in cases of intensely stubborn industrial dirt (e.g. grease, oil, soot, metal dust, lacquers, adhesives, etc.) that cannot be removed at all by products that are free of scrubbers and solvents.

Features and Benefits:

  • Contains all natural, biodegradable walnut shell scrubbers.
  • Contains the skin strengthening agent EUCORNOL.
  • Easily rinsed away and is not prone to swelling, has been tested and proven not to clog drains or pipes.
  • Low solvent content, good skin compatibility
  • For extra heavy-duty cleaning of grease, oil, ink and carbon black.
  • Does not strain the environment by depleting timber supplies.
  • Helps to prevent skin irritation according to the results of dermatological tests.
  • No costly plumbing repairs due to scrubber in product.
  • Much more gentle to the skin, even with everyday use, than products with high solvent content.