FrenchCreek PD5 Core Mount Sleeve Davit Base

FrenchCreek PD5 Core mount sleeve installed SALE
FrenchCreek PD5 Core Mount Sleeve SALE


$295.00 $308.20

FrenchCreek’s PD5 Core Mount Sleeve accepts the PD1 Davit Mast. This sleeve is designed for slip-in installation of the mast. The sleeve itself is also designed to be slip-in installation into a 4" diameter core hole. The PD1 Mast and the winches are sold separately.

  • Sleeve Only
  • Designed for slip-in installation
  •  Fits 4” (0.10m) diameter core hole in concrete or in an existing steel structure
  • Ideally suited for recurrent access locations
  • 9″ deep sleeve with PVC insert
  • Offers 360° mast rotation
  • Made of Zinc Plated Carbon Steel
  • Sleeve lined with PVC Pipe Insert
  • OSHA 1926.502 & 1910.66