FrenchCreek Outlaw Series Leading Edge Self Retracting Lifeline

frenchcreek leading edge srl SALE


$380.55 $422.80

The FrenchCreek Outlaw Series leading edge SRLs offer next level protection for leading edge applications. All lengths come with a carabiner, leading edge shock pack, high strength galvanized cable, and durable plastic housing. Available in 20', 30', and 50' lengths.


  • Leading edge shock pack
  • #354-4 (1” opening) steel carabiner
  • RL-28 (3/4” opening) locking snap - load indicating
  • Class “B” SRL
  • Weight Capacity: ANSI 130-310 lbs. OSHA 420 lbs.
  • Meets  ANSI Z359.14 CLASS B, ANSI A10.32