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Tips For Getting the Right Safety Equipment for Confined Space Entry

Confined space entry is a complicated endeavor. The risks are real. The right equipment is essential to do the job safely. How can you be confident you are getting what you need?

The Right Confined Space Entry Equipment - The Basics

In this short article, we'll give you the top three pieces of safety equipment you will need to safely enter a confined space. Our complete confined space kits make it easy to get everything you see below.

Tripod Rescue and Fall Protection System

tripod rescue system

The first major piece of equipment you need is a tripod system. This system should do at least two things. First, it needs to provide fall protection for entering the confined space. Second, it should provide rescue capability out of the confined space.

Other considerations may need to be made. Perhaps instead of the regular seven foot height, the nine foot height would be better. Or, if the space you are entering is energized, you may need the all rope system.

We can help with all of these options. If you are unsure what suits your application best, let us assist.

Needless to say, you will also need a fall protection harness in tandem with your tripod system. Most of our systems include a harness for free.

Ventilation Blower

confined space blower

The next item you need to have is blower or ventilation system. The blower with duct does at least two things.

First, it simply provides fresh breathing air into the space. This is healthier for the entrants. It can help to increase productivity. Second, it aids in the removal of some hazardous atmospheric conditions.

For example, if hydrogen sulfide is present in the space due to the breakdown of organic material, a blower can remove it/displace it. Or, if carbon monoxide has built up in the space due to automobile traffic emissions nearby, a blower can remove it/displace it.

The blowers that come with our all-in-one confined space kits come standard with fifteen foot of duct. This is usually adequate.

Confined Space Gas Detector

confined space g450 gas monitor

The next item you will definitely need is a confined space gas monitor. It is used to check the atmospheric conditions of the space before entry. It is also used to check these conditions continuously while in the space.

Specifically, this monitor checks to see if there is too much or not enough oxygen. It is checking to see if explosive gases are present. It is also checking to see if either hydrogen sulfide or carbon monoxide are present. All four of these atmospheric hazards are common to confined spaces.

These monitors can have an internal pump or no pump. They can run on alkaline batteries or rechargeable batteries. They can have top mount or side mount displays. 

Our all-in-one confined space kits are available with three popular varieties. We can help you choose the one best suited to your preferences and application.


Getting the right equipment seems complicated, but we can make this task much easier. We can help you navigate through this process. Don't hesitate to reach out to us. Put our 50 years of experience to work for you.

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