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Major Safety Is the Solution to Your Amazon Problem

So you bought a gas monitor on Amazon and now you need help? We hear this all the time: "I purchased a gas monitor on Amazon. Now it is messing up and I need to get some support. I can't send it back to Amazon. They can't help me." Or, just as common: "I just bought this monitor from Amazon and it is already alerting me that a calibration is due."

The Amazon Problem

Yep. This happens all too often. You are on the job and the Amazon purchased gas monitor fails for whatever reason. Or even better, you turn on the Amazon purchased gas monitor just a month or two after you purchased it and it already alerts you that "calibration is due."

Why? This is because the gas monitor wasn't calibrated before it was shipped and likely hadn't been calibrated in months. Why didn't Amazon provide a new calibration before shipping? Who is going to provide technical support now that the gas monitor is purchased?

But wait, there's more. 

The problem is compounded if the gas monitor is still under warranty and needs a warranty repair. Manufacturers require warranty work to be initiated through distributors; not end users.

Is Amazon going to facilitate the logistics that go into a warranty repair? No. Can you call Amazon for help? No. They aren't a distributor, they are merely a seller. Even if the seller was a second party, good help is still hard to find.

Solution to Your Amazon Problem

So here's the rub. Distributors are not obligated to provide technical support or warranty service on a gas monitor they didn't sell. Why? Manufacturer's do not reimburse distributors for the labor and/or calibration. So what's your solution? Easy...stop buying gas monitors on Amazon.

What if you've already purchased the gas monitor on Amazon? Can Major Safety help? We can, but with an important caveat. We will help, but, even if under warranty, we will charge for the parts and labor.

Major Safety has been selling and servicing gas monitors for nearly 50 years. Our gas monitor service center is one of the most experienced in the USA. We know what we're doing.

More than that, we calibrate the new gas monitors we sell right before they ship. This both serves as a final quality control check of the gas monitor, but also is super helpful and an added value for you. Major Safety is the solution to your Amazon problem.


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