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3 Reasons To Stop Using Leather Palm Work Gloves

Leather palm work gloves are, from a technological perspective, old as dirt. If you are a leather palm glove holdout, it is definitely time to consider making the switch to nitrile coated microfoam grip work gloves. Here are 3 reasons why.


If you work with small parts and tools, leather palm gloves just don't provide enough dexterity. Try to pick up a washer or small bolt. It's virtually impossible. If you need to use your phone or tablet during the job, good luck. You'll have to take your LP gloves off to do that.

Microfoam work gloves provide unmatched dexterity while also protecting the hands. They are tough and durable enough to match up with leather palm work gloves in many applications. And their enhanced dexterity makes for a safer and more efficient work place.


Leather palm work gloves do not hold up against even light oils found in the workplace. These oils easily ruin and penetrate LP gloves. Once this happens, the gloves need to be replaced. This can happen multiple times a day.

But the nitrile coating on many microfoam work gloves does something that no LP glove can do, protect and resist light oils. And its rough grip insures against slippage. This means fewer glove changes throughout the work day.

Microfoam gloves versatility also shows up in their durability. They offer excellent grip and excellent abrasion resistance. The nitrile coated microfoam and nylon will outlast LP gloves in many applications.


Leather Palm work gloves just don't fit. They are stiff and clumsy on the hand. The fingers of LP gloves are also stiff and don't bend easily. In fact, LP gloves don't fit like a glove at all.

Microfoam gloves excel at comfort. They are breathable. They are thinner. They excel in form and feel by conforming perfectly to the hands. Oh, and because of the many sizes available, they will actually fit like a glove--even at the fingertips.

We urge you to give microfoam gloves a try. Our best seller is the Maxiflex Ultimate Nitrile Coated Microfoam 34-874 series.

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