Miller Confined Space Winch and Manhole Tripod Rescue System

BRAND: Miller


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The Miller Tripod system includes the following components:

  • Model 8442-Z7/65FT Winch (37lbs) with 65' 3/16" galvanized cable. This winch is fully enclosed and so offers great durability. It has an effortless 5:1 gear ratio and anti-backlash crank handle braking system. Comes with a integral load indicator and has 350 lb. working capacity.
  • Carabiner and Pulley.
  • 58" clearance at base from leg to leg to leg when legs fully extended.
  • Model 51 Tripod (42lbs). It serves as your 5000lb anchor point. Made of high-strength aluminum. It is adjustable up to 7' high.
  • A Carry Bag for both the winch and tripod.

Please note that if a ladder is not present to provide fall protection, a self-retracting lifeline fall protection device should be used with this system. People will often add the Miller MightEvac MR50GB-Z7/50FT to this tripod rescue system.

NOTE: a separate SRL for back-up fall protection is always recommended. See our selection by clicking here - SRL's.


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Need Help with the differences between confined space tripod rescue systems - visit Choosing A Confined Space Tripod.




miller-model-51-tripod-datasheet    miller-model-51-tripod-manual    miller-model-8442-manhandler-winch-manual


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