Major Safety CSK-D-G4-R Deluxe Confined Space Contractor Kit



  • $4,595.00
  • Save $400

We are often asked, if we were to buy a confined space contractor kit, which one would it be? The answer is this one - the CSK-D-G4-R deluxe contractors kit.

The reasons are pretty straight forward: the G450 gas detector is incredibly durable and has a 3 year warranty on the sensors (that is awesome). The 8300030 Sala Lift II tripod rescue system is the Cadillac of tripod systems. The winch itself is a beast - so easy to operate and incredibly versatile with a built-in freehweel mode. The UB20 blower system is the leading quick-coupler blower system on the market. The Delta II Harness is the standard of fall protection harnesses.

The CSK-D-G4-R deluxe kit includes everything you see below:

    Please note this kit also includes:
    • Certified NIST Calibration - our lab calibrates the gas detector before shipment and provides a brand new calibration sticker and calibration certificate.
    • Note: most instruments shipped by distributors were last calibrated by the manufacturer weeks prior to your getting the detector.
    • $60 Value - Free

    Need Help with the differences between confined space rescue contractor kits - visit Confined Space Contractor Kits - A Primer.



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