Hydrogen Sulfide 25 PPM, Carbon Monoxide 100 ppm, Methane 50% LEL (2.5%), Oxygen 18%, Nitrogen Balance, 58L Calibration Gas



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The 8A310073 is used to calibrate Honeywell BW's variety of multi-gas detectors. This would include the Max XT II, the Quattro, the Microclip XL and the Microclip X3. It is also used to calibration a variety of Industrial Scientific gas monitors as well.

Gas Monitor Calibration Gas Cross Over List for Air Liquide CalGaz 8A310073:

  • BW - CG-Q58-4
  • Industrial Scientific - 18109156

Cylinder contains Hydrogen Sulfide 25 PPM - Carbon Monoxide 100 PPM - Methane 50% LEL (2.5%) - Oxygen 18% - Nitrogen Balance.

This gas features a 2 year warranty.

Order online and we don't charge the UPS Haz Fees.

We now sell this gas in the Eco-Smart cylinder. What does this mean? It means that when you are done with the cylinder, you can send it back to the manufacturer at no charge. You no longer have to deal with the hassle of recycling or getting approval to throw the cylinder away. The cylinder comes with directions to return it at no charge. The link to print out your free shipping label is here - Free Shipping Label.


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