Gasco Bump-It Bump Test Gas

Gasco Bump-It Bump Test Gas SALE


$40.00 $50.00
SKU: BumpIt-490-T-Trigger

The Gasco Bump-It bump test gas, at only 6.5" tall and 1 3/4" round, revolutionizes gas detector bump checks and tests. It can easily be kept in your gas monitor's storage case or your vehicles glove box. This provides easy access for routine bump tests.

It gets even better - it ships non-hazardous, regular UPS ground. No balloons or regulator is required. All you need is your monitor's calibration adapter. Simply squeeze the Bump-It's trigger with it's nozzle placed in your monitor's calibration adapter for 1/2 second and you are done.

Please Note: This is made to order and takes about a week to ship.


  • Only 6.5" Tall
  • 2 liter cylinder
  • Hassle Free - no clunky machines, no aerosol bottles, no balloons, no regulators.
  • Ships w/No Hazardous Fee
  • Performs 30 Bump Tests (with a 1/2 second squeeze)
  • 3 Month Life
  • 4 Gas Mix (H2S/CO/LEL/O2) Will Bump Any 4-Gas Monitor
  • 200 PPM CO, 40 PPM H2S, 2.5% Methane, 10% O2 in N2


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