Major Safety CSK-F-R12-A Compliance Plus Confined Space Contractor Kit

CSK-F-R12-A Complete Confined Space Kit and Rescue Tripod SALE
M-CSKit-25 Tripod System included with Kit SALE
Major Safety CSK-F-R12-A Compliance Plus Confined Space Contractor Kit SALE
9533-15 Confined Space Blower included with Kit SALE
651 Full Body Harness included with Kit SALE
Winch Carry Bag included with Kit SALE
Tripod Carry Bag included with Kit SALE


$3,065.00 $3,139.95

We call this confined space kit the "compliance plus" because we've included a different gas detector - the GX-2012. This monitor features the convenience of remote sampling by its built in pump and included sample hose. The GX-2012 is the work horse for contractors and municipalities around the country.

Everything else about this kit is the same as our best-seller: the made in the USA FrenchCreek tripod system, the blower, the harness and the calibration. It also meets the relevant ANSI/OSHA requirements.

The CSK-F-R12-A includes everything you see below:

    NOTE: This system is suitable when a ladder can be used as the primary means of entry and exit. If a ladder can't be used, you need to add the R50G to this system.

    Please note this kit also includes:

    • Certified NIST Calibration - our lab calibrates the gas detector before shipment and provides a brand new calibration sticker and calibration certificate.
    • Note: most instruments shipped by distributors were last calibrated by the manufacturer weeks prior to your getting the detector.
    • $85 Value - Free

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